Volunteers are the heart of PCM and there’s never a day that volunteers aren’t helping us do God’s work with human hands here in our building on Legion Drive or out in the community.

Some volunteers come every week, some once or twice a month. Others make themselves available for special projects as they arise. Others might organize food drives at their place of work. We want YOU to decide where and how you want to serve.

You can volunteer as yourself or with your spouse or a friend. Maybe you’d like to encourage your Sunday School class or other church group to be part of a roster of “stand by” volunteers and advocates for community service.

If you’re interested in volunteering, just let us know. To get started, please tell us something about yourself below or sending us an email to pcm@paducahcoopministry.org. We’ll be back in touch right away.

Our CSI Volunteers

On a Break Bagging

Jason McHaney Mini Panty

Blythe Team

Reidland Church of Christ Volunteers

  • Tell us your name
  • What's the best way to contact you? Any particular day or time?
  • We hope you’ll help us get started thinking about the best volunteer job for you by telling us a little about yourself. For instance, what might you like to volunteer to do? Would you like a regular or occasional job? Would you like to answer the phone or would you rather do something slightly physical like bag groceries? Do you have any special talents or interests? Do you have an interest in crafts, for instance, or speak a language other than English? Or tell us something you’d like us to know that we haven’t asked about.