Food Pantry Basic Needs

We thank you for supporting the PCM Food Pantry. The pantry is visited well over 5,000 times per year, so you can imagine the inventory that we go through on a weekly basis.

Though we welcome any food donations, here are the staples that we try to keep in stock at all times. Be sure to check expiration dates before donating as we don’t distribute food that is out of date.


Oats, grits, fruit & nut bars, etc.



Peanut butter

Meal-in-a-can (ravioli, stew, chili)


Spaghetti sauce

Instant potatoes

Tuna fish

Tuna helper


Ramen noodles

Macaroni and cheese

Baked beans


Individual serving food items (transient bags)

Beverages (tea bags, instant coffee, hot cocoa mix)

Other items that are essential: brown paper grocery bags and quart- and gallon-sized Ziploc-type bags.

We gladly welcome donations weekdays from 9 am-noon and 1-3:30 pm at 402 Legion Drive. Thanks for all your support.

Interested in Volunteering?

PCM has many great volunteer opportunities, let us know how you'd like to help!